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A Gluten and Dairy Free Thanksgiving

We at The Now Find Family of Apps are pleased to present our new eBooks! These easy to follow guides to creating a Gluten Free and/or a Dairy Free Thanksgiving meal will help you create your most delectable and memorable Thanksgiving yet!

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Thanksgiving E-book
Thanksgiving E-books Are Now Available!

We are so excited to announce that our updated for 2017, Gluten Free Thanksgiving e-book and our brand new Gluten and Dairy Free Thanksgiving e-book are now available for download! Between the…

The Teal Pumpkin Project for Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en is right around the corner. Please don’t forget those trick or treaters who have food allergies. It’s easy to participate in The Teal Pumpkin Project: simply place a teal colored pumpkin…

Roasted Tomatillo Soup

There is nothing more satisfying than eating soup on a cool fall evening by the fire.  When my kids were small, I would make soup and set them up by the fireplace.…

Meatball Soup
Meatball Soup

This past week has been ridiculously rainy and cold in our area. Not exactly my ideal, but perfect weather for soup. I had ground beef, bacon and vegetable bits to use before…

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